Meet kUSD

The world's first autonomously stable digital currency

Algorithmically pegged to $1 USD using the Kowala Protocol

1 kUSD = $1

kUSD is designed for the real world.


kUSD eliminates volatility risk during transactions and allows you to store your hard earned money securely and stably without the need for banks.


Park your assets in kUSD as a stable alternative to fiat currencies during periods of volatility.


In addition to being a stable alternative to fiat, kUSD offers unique arbitrage opportunities across markets.

Rigorously Modeled Stability

kUSD constantly gathers market information from endorsed sources and regulates its value. Our methodology has been modeled and thoroughly tested with multiple scenario simulations ensuring the mechanism works in the real world.

Watch kUSD respond to simulated market conditions at 450x real time

kUSD Line

1 kUSD

USD Line

$1 USD


kUSD has very low transaction fees and eliminates volatility risk during transactions.


Decrease your hardware costs and reap consistent block rewards in kUSD regardless of who solves the block.

The Kowala Protocol

kUSD is built using the algorithmic and game theoretic mechanisms of the Kowala Protocol, a new cryptocurrency platform with the unique ability to autonomously stabilize its value relative to other assets.

The kUSD Team

Eiland Glover

Nashville, US


John Reitano

San Diego, US


Walker Willse

Nashville, US

VP Business Development

Paul Fox

Brighton, UK

Lead Developer

Adrian Duke

London, UK

Senior Complexity Engineer

Hélio Rosa

Porto, Portugal

Smart Contracts Engineer

Vijay Kandy

Calgary, CA

Smart Contracts Engineer

Adam King

San Diego, US

UX Designer

Xavier Pérez

Quito, Ecuador

Mobile Application Developer