Steady. Ready. Go!

A new day is dawning. kUSD is the world's first autonomously stabilized cryptocurrency. The fastest, most efficient blockchain ever. Made for humans and ready for business.



Real people need real stability

Volatile currency is not useful. No one wants to wake up and find half their savings missing. No one can live with a currency that changes value while they’re in the grocery store.

kUSD is a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar. For the first time, you can run real life and real businesses in cryptocurrency. All with a stable value you can rely on.

  • Stable
  • Autonomous
  • Decentralized


The next generation of blockchain networks

Traditional cryptomining pits miners against each other in fierce, wasteful, expensive competition. We think that’s stupid. kUSD miners cooperate to advance the blockchain.

Kowala’s Yap Consensus, inspired by the Yapese people who use immovable Rai stones as currency, has revolutionized blockchains. With a cooperative network of miners, the kUSD blockchain can quickly, efficiently and robustly finalize blocks without significant energy waste.

Say goodbye to million-dollar mining rigs and hello to futuristic elegance. Finally, minting currency is as simple as it always should have been.

  • Energy efficent
  • Affordable
  • Fast


mUSD is the kUSD mining token

The mining network is made up of mUSD holders. Only mUSD holders can mine, and that’s the key to fast transactions, low energy consumption, and reasonable hardware requirements.

mUSD holders own and run the network, and reap block rewards for their efforts. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, you don’t need a volcano-powered, snow-cooled supercomputer to mine kUSD. You can use your laptop, or even a cheap server in the cloud.


Our wallet app is designed for humans

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency requires professional-grade wallet applications with all the features that users expect. The Kowala app has a world-class user experience that supports push notifications and P2P trading out of the box.

With the Kowala app, getting into crypto is as easy as hailing an Uber. Now anyone in the world can send, save and spend stable cryptocurrency instantly, securely and safely. It’s about time.

  • Intuitive
  • Secure
  • Safe

Meet the Kowala family

Eiland Glover
Nashville, US / George Town, CI
Co-Founder / CEO
John Reitano
Montreal, Canada
Co-Founder / CTO
Walker Willse
Nashville, US / George Town, CI
VP Business Development
Paul M Fox
Brighton, UK
Lead Engineer
Adrian Duke
London, UK
Senior Complexity Engineer
Vijay Kandy
Calgary, Canada
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Hélio Rosa
Porto, Portugal
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Ricardo Geraldes
Lisbon, Portugal
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Adam King
San Diego, US
Application Engineer / UX Designer
Xavier Pérez
Quito, Ecuador
Mobile Application Engineer
Albert Callarisa
Barcelona, Spain
Senior Software Enginer
Chris Groshong
San Diego, US
Luke Sully
London, UK
Cat Neligan
Brighton, UK
Graphic Designer

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the wallet app compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS?

    Android and web-based versions of the app will be launched along with the kUSD blockchain in December, which means you’ll be able to get, use, secure, and control your kUSD from any internet-connected computer or other device on the planet.

    We expect iOS approval to take longer. In the meantime, iPhone users can use the app with via their iPhone’s web browser after launch.

  • What is the mission of Kowala?

    Kowala’s mantra is elegant technology for human prosperity.

    Our mission is to create intuitive, and accessible technologies that make it simple for every human to have total control over his or her money and transact safely and securely with the entire world instantly at little or no cost. Our goal is to finally realize the promise of Bitcoin for all humans.

  • How is Kowala being funded?

    To date, Kowala has been funded by its founders and a small group of private investors dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency to everyone.

    In October of 2017, Kowala began a limited token pre-sale open only to accredited investors. The majority of the token sale is being reserved for a planned public sale in December 2017.

    Owners of mUSD mining tokens do the work of the blockchain and earn mining rewards for their efforts.

  • What kind of adoption, distribution and trading is required for kUSD to function properly?

    Public exchanges serve as oracles for the kUSD blockchain, which then automatically increases or decreases the kUSD money supply based on the market price to keep the value of kUSD close to $1. While kUSD can function properly with only one exchange and as few as 3 active traders, multiple exchanges and more active traders make the entire system more robust.